How to Seal Your Basement Walls

The basement is a great room to have in the home – but only if you make sure to prevent any future problems from occurring. The one thing that you have to do when trying to finish off the room is to seal the walls. This is going to prevent any leaking and condensation from leaking through the walls and cause mold and mildew to grow all over the place.

The first thing that you will need to do is to wash down all of the walls using a normal household cleaner. If you are planning on using a waterproofing compound make sure to read the directions carefully and use a cleaner that will not mix badly with it or cause any problems on the walls.

Take off any paint that might be on the walls and remove the plaster. The surface needs to be completely clean and rinsed off before you can try to seal it. Once everything is off the walls try to clean the floor to make sure that there is absolutely no dirt and debris in your way.

Now you are ready to fill in the cracks in the wall using a powdered hydraulic cement mix that is combined with cold water. Make sure to only mix a small amount at a time because it is going to dry very quickly. Pat it into the cracks and smooth it over. When you are done clean the area and give it at least a week to dry completely.

Get your hands on a cement based paint that comes in a powder form and use a roller or brush to apply the waterproofing paint. If you are putting it on any rough spots than you will have to use a stiff brush to force it on. It is not going to be easy so be careful and patient. You will need to let the first coat dry and than apply on a second one. Paint over it when you are done if you would like to.