Wall Materials

Remember when I mentioned that it’s helpful to know what you want to use your basement for? Well – this is where that comes into play. If you want a simple storage place, you simply need something to keep the moisture out, however, if you’re looking for more of a livable space, you’ll want something that allows pipes and electrical lines to be integrated. Here is the most basic breakdown of basement wall types.

Plastic panel systems:
These panels are great for keeping back the moisture while giving your basement a nice clean look.

Wall finishing systems:
While reducing moisture in the air to eliminate prime mold and mildew growth while providing thermal insulation, these systems allow for electrical lines, pipes, etc to be easily integrated into the basement walls.

Basement living systems:
This is for those of you who want to make the ultimate man cave. There is a wide variety of textures, materials, colors, etc to give your basement the look and feel you dreamed about. Generally made by snapping panels together, these systems often offer easy access to the hidden permanent walls for regular inspection while meeting insulation code requirements.